Monday, 15 March 2010

An Extra Pair of Hands Whenever You Need Them

Is there anybody out there who couldn't use an extra pair of hands? Who needs help with getting the bills paid on time? Organising an electrician, plumber, decorator, etc to carry out work at home? Someone to answer the phone? Make your appointments? Type up your reports? Research holiday destinations and organise your travel - both home and abroad? Someone to manage your expenses and file your returns? Someone who can help you write your literature, blogs, flyers, who can help you with mailing campaigns or follow up calls. Sounds good?

Well, a virtual assistant service can place all this help at your fingertips. A perfect solution for anyone with too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Think of it like hiring a temp from an employment agency - only you'll never have to do that again! A virtual assistant is self employed and bills only for actual hours worked - no paying for coffee breaks, holiday leave, sick leave or employment taxes. Because a virtual assistant works remotely (ie not in your office) the use of web based tools like instant messenger services, email, online calendars, task managers, online filing etc are used to help you work with your assistant. Schedule changes, project reports, customer service alerts can all be performed immediately. A virtual assistant can help bring the impression of size to your company.

Find out more about working within a virtual office.

The Away PA provides an "on demand" secretarial and business support service in conjunction with it's online office "Head Office". To find out more about how you can take advantage of a fully supported office, anywhere, any time, visit the Head Office website or The Away PA Website or email or telephone 08450 527565.

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