Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Share your Diary and More

Sharing your weekly diary/calendar with a remote or virtual assistant/secretary can be a great asset to your business. There are various tools on the web which enable you to do this, for example Head Office and Google Calendar.

Keeping track of projects with one of these tools, or other similar available online systems, can go a long way towards helping you organise your business and keep things running smoothly - and you can utilise a virtual or remote assistant/secretary to help you.

These diary
/ calendar systems allow any number of people to see when events are happening within your business and to make notes on a project's status. You can also use these systems to assign tasks to your remote / virtual assistant and track progress.

In order to manage your projects effectively, you will need to ensure that each project is properly defined with accurate deadlines and milestones. It would be prudent to also allow contingency timings as a "cushion" in the event of unexpected delays. The online calendar systems will provide daily reminders, due dates and the current status of each project. As each stage of the project comes together, colleagues and teams will need to collaborate with each other to drive the project forward. These tools allow people to commun
icate effectively, with the ability to work away from the office location, on site, from home, etc.

These online "e-office" systems, eg Head Office, also allow you to share files easily. Technology is great, but when something goes wrong - for example lost emails, computer crashes, etc - the impact can be significant on your business. With these systems, files can be stored and shared online - if one person downloads a file and loses that copy, the last or latest version of the file can simply be downloaded again.

Being a
ble to share your "e-office" (diary, files, email (if you require email monitoring by your secretary/assistant) ) makes it extremely easy to work together with someone if you are a home worker or travel a lot in your business. It also allows you to share information with business partners and clients.

The Away PA is a small business support specialist focussed on the needs of the individual entrepreneur and small business. Find out how a remote / virtual assistant/secretary can transform your business and save you time.

The Away PA provides an "on demand" secretarial and business support service in conjunction with it's online office "Head Office". To find out more about how you can take advantage of a fully supported office, anywhere, any time, visit the Head Office website or The Away PA Website or email or telephone 08450 527565.

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