Monday, 7 December 2009

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office network is an office environment that is accessed by way of the web at any time and from any place. A virtual office network provider utilises the power of the internet and technical expertise to offer the user a simulated work environment where the user can access facilities similar to that provided by a more expensive exchange server, such as intranet, company email, shared calendars, shared files and work processes by way of a PC or laptop/netbook and web connection.

So, for example, an employee or work colleague could be out of the office due to business, or may even work from home, but yet is still be able to communicate or transfer data to colleagues and others at the workplace within the office environment. This makes a virtual office an effective tool to add value to your business and make it more systematic and effective.

What makes the virtual office so attractive is that all this is achievable with minimum to zero investment in infrastructure, with the service provider
managing the design and development of the virtual office network and taking care of the maintenance and support.

The Benefits of Virtual Office
  • The client does not have to bother with costly and time consuming upgrades since the client hires the virtual office service from the provider and the maintenance of which is the responsibility of the service provider.
  • The flexibility that a virtual office network provides is unparalleled, as employees only need a laptop/netbook and network connectivity to get in touch with the main office. This functionality is important for mobile businesses and where business activity is conducted from various locations or from home.
  • Often security is seen as a constraint in the domain of virtual office networks as corporate data is confidential. However with development in technologies, service providers today utilise highly sophisticated tools, password login systems and authentication management which makes the system more secure than accessing it from your workplace.
  • The package that a virtual office network provider can offer includes the deployment, along with support for planning, designing and maintenance. Subscription is on a "pay as you go" basis in the form of a monthly fee.
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