Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Engage a Virtual Assistant / Off Site PA

You probably are a sole trader or an entrepreneur who started a small business sometime back. However, being on top of your game you have been growing consistently and growing fast. A typical problem that arises in such situations is that your focus now gets divided. In the initial stages, due to limited exposure and work, you could handle all the functions single-handedly or in-house. With the business expanding, the non-core functions start sapping away a lot of your time and energy distracting you from expanding your business - which should always be your prime objective.

The dilemma that many small and medium businesses face at this point is whether to employ an administrative assistant or secretary. You may not have the financial resources to afford one, especially given that as a full time employee you will have to pay a salary plus taxes, etc., but at the same time, you know that you cannot carry on without some help to deal with your administrative work. In such cases a Virtual Assistant, or off site PA is your best option.

Virtual assistants are resources that you can exploit online and who can help you with a lot of your routine work. They can be a substitute for an on site personal secretary. Virtual assistants are equipped to handle your appointments, schedule meetings, manage your calendar, sort your emails, filter out spams, send out notices, advertisements, brochures, and deal with general correspondence. In short, they can handle all the less important jobs on your behalf professionally and leave you to take care of the important ones. Imagine the time that you can save with such services and the time and energy you can dedicate to your core business.

Another excellent advantage with VAs is the payments. You can either hire a VA on a monthly subscription plan or pay for a one-off project by the hour - the key is you only pay for actual time spent, and VAs will utilise specialised software to record this time and can provide detailed time log summaries to support their charges.

Lastly, VAs are highly professional and organised, who usually have worked for some years at senior level in their career and specialise in providing such services. Reputable and highly rated VAs would have a track record of successful client engagements and good knowledge of their duties. They would also employ the best practices in the business giving you the optimum service. So what are you waiting for? Go look for a VA, and save hours from outsourcing your trivial work!

For more information about VA services, visit: http://www.theawaypa.eu or email: info@theawaypa.eu, or telephone 08450 527565.

The Away PA provides an "on demand" secretarial and business support service in conjunction with it's online office "Head Office". To find out more about how you can take advantage of a fully supported office, anywhere, any time, visit the Head Office website or The Away PA Website or email info.headoffice@theawaypa.eu
or telephone 08450 527565.

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